Semi AOI quality assurance solution

EFA Inspection from Lebert Software Engineering is for the optical inspection of prototypes, small series, prototypes as well as for setup control and closes the gap between automatic and manual optical inspection.

appeared in November 2011 EPP-online

While automatic solutions are not used in small series, initial sample inspection or prototypes due to the inevitable pseudo-errors, the tool is convincing according to the company, thanks to a successful combination of a variety of inspection options and innovative automation of time-consuming processes. The photo station EFA Picture Touch can be used for the SMD and THT area. A real stand-alone system with Ethernet connection and a lighting concept that is sophisticated according to the provider for the detection of laser inscriptions. The recording can be controlled very easily with the help of an integrated touch screen computer. For the test, the sample simply has to be inserted, trigger recording and the test specimen can be removed again.

Boards with sizes up to 520 mm x 490 mm and a component height of up to 70 mm can be traded. Setting up, focusing, triggering and saving as an image file across the network is possible directly on the device.

An alternative to the photo station for the SMT area is EFA Scan, a circuit board scanner which, according to the company, is characterized by a high level of detail, even with A3 sized circuit boards. The receiving station is suitable for board sizes up to 297 mm x 420 mm and a component height of 25 mm and offers enough space for boards equipped on both sides. With 1600 dpi x 3200 dpi optical resolution, even the smallest abnormalities are clearly recognizable.

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