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Haben Sie noch alle auf der Rolle?

Do you still have them all?

Or, the search for roles with sufficient alternative components

For every EMS manufacturer, the configuration of the placement machines with rollers with a sufficient number of components is an important criterion for faultless placement. Carefully managed warehouse management can provide the necessary security here. However, the search for a suitable role in the warehouse is much more time-consuming if the customer project allows any freedom with regard to the selection of components. Then it is important to find the right roles by comparing the physical parameters of the components against your own database. The ERP systems used are often not suitable for this. EFA SmartSuite 2020, with its numerical and fuzzy search options, can immediately provide a remedy even for databases that have grown over time.

The provocative metaphor focuses on a central problem that EMS manufacturers face again and again ...

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Das Schweizer Taschenmesser für EMS-Anbieter

The Swiss Army Knife for EMS providers

From the offer to the production with a smart software suite
Electronics manufacturing is constantly changing. Electronic components that are getting smaller and smaller and an increase in the variety of components force the continuous optimization of our own production. In addition, EMS providers have to face the high demands of their customers. The desire for a prompt offer at attractive conditions with short delivery times, even for small batches, presents supply management, work preparation and production with ever new challenges. The EMS software EFA SmartSuite offers a sustainable solution for this.

published in SMT insight 07/2020

The challenges for EMS providers do not begin with the actual manufacture of the customer product. Long before production begins, the preparation of offers and work preparation take a lot of time. The preparation of an offer can be a real cost driver ...

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Prototypen in Rekordzeit

Prototypes in record time

Innovative concepts for the production of lot size 1

For EMS providers, time-efficient prototype production is a major challenge. In addition to the actual production, the import of the customer data, the comparison with the own component library and the overview of changes are time-consuming process steps. In terms of lot size, this preparation for prototypes takes up most of the time. This was significantly reduced by R & D Elektronik from Mönchengladbach using the EMS software "EFA SmartSuite".

appeared in the Productronic 11/2018

EMS providers are constantly facing up to the high demands of their customers. In particular, high flexibility in production, cost-optimized production and high quality are among the basic properties. In addition, the customer product should be manufactured as quickly as possible from batch size 1. Long waiting times for the completion of a ...

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EMS - mehr als nur Elektronikfertigung!

EMS - more than just electronics production!

Industry 4.0 requires smart solution concepts.

Electronics production is changing! Fast quote preparation, elaborate work preparation and short delivery times for ever smaller batches pose new challenges to the organization of quotation management, work preparation and production. With the "EFA SmartSuite" software solution, Fercad Elektronik from Wiehl has significantly optimized its processes and introduced augmented reality inspection.

appeared as title story in the Productronic 03/2017

The demands on EMS service providers are high! With the aim of customer satisfaction, customer ideas of the highest quality from batch size 1 should be implemented inexpensively and as quickly as possible with a high degree of flexibility. However, a considerable amount of time is required before the order is placed. The offer management has to process the customer data in such a way that a competitive offer can be created. If there is no order, this time ...

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Der schnelle Weg zum Angebot

The fast way to the offer

In the fiercely competitive market of EMS service providers, fast and accurate quotations are a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition to the safe import of customer data, the assignment of the correct article number from the own article database is one of the first challenges. The practical software solution from Lebert can significantly increase the cost-effectiveness of this process.

published in the Electronic FAB 03/2016

Work preparation and purchasing have to accomplish a difficult balancing act in the bidding phase. On the one hand, offers must be created as quickly as possible on the basis of the customer bill of materials. On the other hand, preparing the bill of material, assigning the company-specific part number and validating the record are time-consuming activities. Often, customers also view the processing of their proprietary data formats as part of the service. This work costs time and money. Does not it come to the subsequent ...

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Augmented Reality Inspection

Augmented Reality Inspection

Efficient optical inspection from batch size 1 with EFA Inspection®
The use of automatic inspection systems is dependent on the economic considerations, whether the time saved by the automatic inspection is in reasonable proportion to the effort required for programming. Visual inspections such as first-sample or small series inspections usually do not fulfill this requirement. Here smart concepts such as Augmented Reality Inspection (ARI) have to be used, which involve the operator with his experience and flexibility to a much greater extent than before - in line with Industry 4.0.

appeared as title story in the Productronic 11/2014

Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is the omnipresent topic in the media and one of the Federal Government's future projects. For the industrial manufacturing sector, the strong individualization ...
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Kleinserien schneller und effektiver prüfen

Check small series faster and more effectively

The Hanau-based company LEBERT Software Engineering, manufacturer of the innovative semi-AOI system EFA Inspection, has expanded its EFA Picture series with a high-end device. The new EFA Picture Touch HR recording station - together with the newly developed user interface EFA Capture - delivers high-quality recordings even from difficult-to-capture printed circuit boards in the shortest possible time.

appeared in the EPP 06/2013

In order to safely accommodate the large number of different board sizes and shapes as well as placement variations, an easy-to-use and at the same time variable concept is necessary. This is what the new high-end device EFA Picture Touch HR offers, which now makes it possible to take high-resolution pictures for almost all board dimensions. To do this, the camera moves in the x direction and automatically creates partial shots of the board. These recordings are then assembled in the software to a high-quality total recording ...

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Der Mensch ist die bewertende Instanz

Man is the evaluating authority

Test scenarios that the automatic optical inspection cannot cover for cost reasons and that are therefore carried out manually can be automated with EFA-Inspection. The inspection system closes the gap between the AOI and manual visual inspection. It allows semi-automatic inspection without expensive hardware.

appeared in the polyscope 10/2012

This inspection system has been specially developed for the testing of initial samples, small series, prototypes and for setup control. It offers the user a great time advantage combined with an increase in quality and productivity. Automatic optical test systems - AOI - are primarily suitable for use with large lot sizes. The high acquisition costs, combined with the great teaching effort, pay off for this purpose.

The automatic detection depends on the quality and quantity of the “learned”. After creation ...

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Kundenspezifische Automatisierung von Inspektions­auf­gaben

Customized automation of inspection tasks

The inspection system EFA Picture from LEBERT Software Engineering can be inserted directly into the production line of the electronics production and enables an inexpensive and flexible initial sample inspection, a selective assembly control, sample control or general production documentation.

appeared in February 2012

It closes the gap between automatic optical inspection and manual visual inspection. It allows semi-automatic inspection without expensive hardware and was specially developed for the testing of initial samples, small series, prototypes and for set-up control. The particular goal is the automation of customer-specific inspection tasks. The inline version also offers automatic module feed so that the solution can be integrated directly into an inline production line. The creation of the module is done automatically in every application. In the initial sample test, after the admission ...
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Semi AOI-Lösung zur Qualitätssicherung

Semi AOI quality assurance solution

EFA Inspection from Lebert Software Engineering is for the optical inspection of prototypes, small series, prototypes as well as for setup control and closes the gap between automatic and manual optical inspection.

appeared in November 2011 EPP-online

While automatic solutions are not used for small series, initial sample inspection or prototypes due to the inevitable pseudo-errors, the tool is convincing according to the company, thanks to a successful combination of a variety of inspection options and innovative automation of time-consuming processes. The photo station EFA Picture Touch can be used for the SMD and THT area. A real stand-alone system with an Ethernet connection and a lighting concept that is sophisticated according to the provider for the detection of laser markings. The recording can be controlled very easily with the help of an integrated touch screen computer. The sample only needs to be inserted for testing, recording ...