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At this point we want to let our customers speak!

Here, decision-makers and users report on the considerations behind the acquisition of EFA SmartSuite, the areas of application for EFA SmartSuite, and the benefits that this investment in EFA SmartSuite has brought you.

All these reports have also appeared in journals.

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Evaluation eines Erstmuster-Inspektionssystems

Evaluation eines Erstmuster-Inspektionssystems

Wenn Theorie und Praxis zu einem Return of Invest von unter sechs Monaten führen

Die Erstmusterprüfung ist ein fester Bestandteil in der Elektronikfertigung. Ein nicht entdeckter Fehler zu Beginn des Fertigungsprozesses potenziert sich meist über das gesamte Fertigungslos. Die Firma Mair Elektronik evaluierte mittels einer ausführlichen Marktanalyse das beste Inspektionssystem für Erstmuster. Das eindeutige Ergebnis führte zu einem signifikant verbesserten Prozessschritt mit hoher Akzeptanz der Mitarbeiter.

erschienen in der productronic 02/2024

Eine der wichtigsten Methoden zur Qualitätssicherung in der Elektronikfertigung ist die sogenannte Erstmusterkontrolle. Dabei wird die erste gefertigte Leiterplatine manuell möglichst detailliert auf potentielle Fehler wie Fehlbestückungen oder Verpolungen überprüft. Jedes falsche Bauteil, das an dieser Stelle nicht entdeckt wird, zieht im weiteren Fertigungsverlauf hohe Kosten zur Korrektur nach sich. Allerdings ...

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Graf Elektronik inspiziert jetzt auch inline mit EFA Inspection

Graf Elektronik inspiziert jetzt auch inline mit EFA Inspection

Bereits seit 7 Jahren sichert Graf Elektronik die Linienfreigabe mit der Inspektionslösung EFA Inspection ab - und hat nun in ein Upgrade des bestehenden EFA Systems und in die EFA Inline Lösung investiert! Ab sofort können Erstmuster- und Stichprobenkontrollen ohne Zeitverlust direkt an der Linie stattfinden!

In Kürze erscheint der ausführliche Anwenderbericht!
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Frischer Wind für die Erstmusterprüfung

Frischer Wind für die Erstmusterprüfung

Aufnahmen mit bis zu 5000 dpi sichern die Erstmusterprüfung ab
Optische Inspektionen sind ein fester Bestandteil von Teststrategien in der Elektronikfertigung. Als ein wichtiger Prüfschritt steht die Erstmusterprüfung dabei im Fokus. Wird ein Fehler an dieser Stelle übersehen, potenziert er sich über das gesamte Fertigungslos. Die Firma Katek setzt daher seit Jahren das Inspektionssystem der LEBERT Software Engineering ein und investierte nun in ein Update auf ein skalierbares Aufnahmegerät.

erschienen auf all-electronics am 26.03.2021

Während der Elektronikfertigung wird die gefertigte Qualität mit unterschiedlichen Testverfahren immer wieder verifiziert. Um Fehlbestückungen möglichst frühzeitig zu erkennen, hat sich die Erstmusterprüfung etabliert. Nach der Rüstung der Linie und vor der Fertigung der vollständigen Serie wird die erste bestückte Platine auf Fehler untersucht. Jedes ...
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Erstmusterprüfung - mehr als nur optische Inspektion

Initial sample inspection - more than just optical inspection

Smart inspection solution with greater inspection depth and time savings
Initial sample tests are an important step in assembly production. In addition to the usual visual control of the components, the physical parameters of the components are being measured more and more frequently and the labeling of the components is being checked against current component information from the Internet. LEBERT Software Engineering offers a suitable inspection system that can be seamlessly integrated into its own established processes.

appeared in the all-electronics on June 9th, 2020

EMS providers constantly face new dynamic customer requirements. With changing products, ever new component requirements and variable batch sizes, there are constantly growing demands on our own production processes. The quality of the manufactured products is ensured with a large number of controls. The following applies: The later an error is detected during assembly production, the greater the ...

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Prototypen in Rekordzeit

Prototypes in record time

Innovative concepts for the production of lot size 1

For EMS providers, time-efficient prototype production is a major challenge. In addition to the actual production, the import of the customer data, the comparison with the own component library and the overview of changes are time-consuming process steps. In terms of lot size, this preparation for prototypes takes up most of the time. This was significantly reduced by R & D Elektronik from Mönchengladbach using the EMS software "EFA SmartSuite".

appeared in the Productronic 11/2018

EMS providers are constantly facing up to the high demands of their customers. In particular, high flexibility in production, cost-optimized production and high quality are among the basic properties. In addition, the customer product should be manufactured as quickly as possible from batch size 1. Long waiting times for the completion of a ...

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Optische Inspektion nach Maß

Customized optical inspection

Effective inspection solution for small series from batch size 1

For the visual inspection of small lots, ways beyond the AOI are required. As an effective method, augmented reality inspection has become established in combination with inspection of part numbers. In order to automate the handling costs incurred for the imaging, the company proServ electronic from Witten has implemented an intelligent inline solution.    

appeared in the Productronic 11/2017 

Small batches pose very similar challenges to EMS providers, such as medium and large batches. The works in the run-up to production are almost identical. A considerable amount of time is spent on data preparation, production preparation and the programming and set-up of the production machines. If you consider the effort on a single circuit board, the time invested per printed circuit board produced is significantly greater for small batches than ...

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EMS - mehr als nur Elektronikfertigung!

EMS - more than just electronics production!

Industry 4.0 requires smart solution concepts.

Electronics production is changing! Fast quote preparation, elaborate work preparation and short delivery times for ever smaller batches pose new challenges to the organization of quotation management, work preparation and production. With the "EFA SmartSuite" software solution, Fercad Elektronik from Wiehl has significantly optimized its processes and introduced augmented reality inspection.

appeared as title story in the Productronic 03/2017

The demands on EMS service providers are high! With the aim of customer satisfaction, customer ideas of the highest quality from batch size 1 should be implemented inexpensively and as quickly as possible with a high degree of flexibility. However, a considerable amount of time is required before the order is placed. The offer management has to process the customer data in such a way that a competitive offer can be created. If there is no order, this time ...

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Signifikante Zeitersparnis erreicht

Significant time savings achieved

Automation of manual optical inspections in focus

During the manufacturing of electronic assemblies, the quality of the products is ensured by a variety of inspections. The goal is to detect deviations in the process as early as possible. Only in this way can high costs for rework, "serial errors" or even complaints be avoided. At the same time, tests are being carried out optically at the beginning of the production process. Many of these optical inspections are the responsibility of visual inspectors, who carry out the assessment of the assemblies manually. CCS Schweiz AG uses the inspection system EFA Inspection, which specifically supports the vision inspectors and thus ensures process reliability and time savings.

appeared in the Productronic 5/2014

As part of CCS Customer Care & Solutions Holding AG, CCS Schweiz AG is a leading Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services partner ...

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Optimierungspotentiale erkennen und ausschöpfen

Recognize and exploit optimization potential


The demands on EMS service providers are increasing continuously. This constantly drives efforts to optimize processes. Increasing quality of the products, higher process stability and saving of production time are decisive factors. A medium-sized electronics service provider has decided to use a process-accompanying overall solution which, in addition to the automation of optical inspections, helps to discover potentials for process optimization.

appeared in the EPP 11/2013

With extensive technology know-how ELOTEC Fischer Elektronik GmbH (ELOTEC for short) offers customized productions of electronic products. The medium-sized service provider produces electronic assemblies and complete devices for more than 80 industrial customers in its location in Furth im Wald. The ISO 9001: 2008 certified company attaches great importance to the high quality and reliability of the manufactured products and works continuously on the ...

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Optimale Optische Inspektionslösung

Optimal optical inspection solution

Nordhausen based EMS provider relies on innovative semi-AOI solution

The automation of optical inspection for small and medium batches poses a challenge for EMS service providers. Manual inspection processes are time-consuming, error-prone and offer only limited security. AOI solutions are not useful for optical inspection of small and medium series. On the other hand, time savings and test security are provided by semi-AOI solutions.

appeared in the Productronic 09/2013

In line with the philosophy "Special tasks require special solutions!", Hörmann IMG GmbH offers innovative products with customer-oriented solutions. As part of the Hörmann group of companies, the Nordhausen-based company specializes in the fields of high-quality electronic systems, innovative vehicle drive technology such as hybrid and electric drive systems, energy technology in the field of renewable energies, and EMC and materials testing services. The close cooperation with universities as well as science and research institutions ensures future-oriented services ...