The software duo "EFA Capture & EFA Stitch"

Without powerful software, any hardware is already out of date at the time of its release. Only software-controlled hardware allows subsequent troubleshooting or the addition of new possibilities - that is, an adaptation to the requirements of the time.

In the EFA Picture series, only the essentials were anchored in pure hardware; everything else is embedded systems whose firmware can be updated if necessary.

EFA capture

EFA Capture is the central software application in the EFA Picture Model series. It is executed on the Windows 10 computer of the EFA Picture device and takes over the complete control of the hardware. If required, EFA Capture updates all subsystems, communicates with EFA SmartSuite and provides the user with the actual graphical interface.

The user can choose between two different working modes:

Mode "automatic

In this mode, EFA Capture is transferred by transferring a new one barcodes triggered on a serial interface! Therefore, this mode comes primarily EFA Picture Inline Devices for use.

The automatic process is then as follows:

  1. The correct recording profile in EFA Capture is automatically selected via the barcode and the assigned EFA project is loaded in EFA SmartSuite.
  2. The actual recording is then triggered via a potential-free contact and automatically loaded into EFA SmartSuite.
  3. A new random inspection is reported to the user via signal lamps!
  4. After successful inspection by the user, EFA SmartSuite grants the EFA Capture application the release of the printed circuit board for further transport on the conveyor belt.
  5. In the event of a fault and after the repair has been carried out, a recording is triggered again and the process is continued with step 3.
Mode "Manually

In this mode, no processes are triggered automatically! There are two user levels for this, the installer and the operator, each with different rights.

The setter has full control over the recording profiles. He can create new profiles, change existing profiles and also delete them.

The operator however, only profiles that have already been set up may be loaded and executed. He cannot change any settings!

To a Female section all configurations for the optimal creation of a overall microscopic image summarized. Only the installer can carry out these configurations in the following dialog.

It always shows the live image of the digital camera is displayed so that the effects of all settings are immediately visible. In particular, the correct ratio of reflected light to dark field lighting can be seen directly. If the ratio is chosen correctly, then, for example, those are also Labels of such components are visiblethat were not burned in with printer ink but only with the laser.

EFA stitch

One software component cannot work without the other!

While EFA Capture is responsible for creating all the individual shots, it is up to EFA Stitch to achieve the desired one overall microscopic image to create. And the requirements for such an overall picture are not insignificant - but simple to formulate!

In the overall picture there should be no evidence that it was composed of a large number of individual pictures!

So that stitching These individual recordings are successfully carried out, numerous prerequisites must be created. Differences in exposure or perspective between the individual shots must be corrected. Similarities in the individual images must be found and statistically evaluated, overlapping areas must be blended and so on.

Therefore, the creation of a complete microscopic image is a very computationally and memory-intensive process, which is carried out as a 64-bit process in parallel to the creation of the individual images by EFA Stitch. The time prolongation can be reduced to a minimum by stitching!

From the user's point of view, EFA Stitch is carried out transparently in the background and therefore rarely appears. However, EFA Stitch also visualizes the current stitching result, so that the application can also be used to evaluate the configuration of overlapping areas while setting up a recording profile in EFA Capture.

It is the duo of EFA Capture and EFA Stitch that is convincing when it comes to overall microscopic images!