EFA Picture Inline

The undeniable disadvantage of desktop solutions compared to inline solutions lies in the handling effort. Each circuit board must be moved towards the desktop device and moved away from there after the work has been completed. This transport is usually carried out by a person and is therefore subject to significantly longer transport times and risks.

Are the components on the circuit board z. B. unsoldered, then even a slight stumbling or bumping can lead to an unwanted misalignment of these components on the circuit board.

Inspection before soldering

In fact, these problems do not occur with correctly adjusted inline solutions! In addition, inline devices communicate with their immediate neighboring devices, so that the transfer of a printed circuit board can also be automatically prevented if the inspection result, for. B. was not in order.

Therefore, the EFA Picture Inline devices are ideal for the inspection of initial samples, initial start-ups or random samples after the assembler and before the soldering oven!

This procedure is so important because incorrectly assembled components can be corrected more cost-effectively the sooner they are recognized!

The earliest possible time is now directly after the placement machine! Once the components have been soldered and their accessibility restricted by larger components, the cost of reworking can increase by orders of magnitude!

Correction directly on the tape

EFA Picture Inline enables inspection of a printed circuit board directly on the conveyor belt. If the circuit board has been correctly fitted, the board can be handed over to the soldering furnace immediately.

Moved back ..

But what happens in the event of an error?

Depending on the number of defective components, the operator will either remove the board from the belt, wipe it off and guide the component operator again, or he will only correct the defective components!

This error correction, like the inspection, should be carried out directly on the line! If you were to take the board off the assembly line for correction, new errors could creep in through the handling!

Therefore EFA Picture Inline devices can be used push back completely, so that access to the printed circuit board on the tape is made possible without major restrictions. The operator can easily correct the errors and then confirm the correctness of the assembly by means of a repeated inspection - without having to remove the circuit board from the belt segment!

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The adapter concept

EFA Picture Inline can be configured with a variety of different belt segments from different manufacturers. For this purpose, only the adapter, which is screwed directly to the respective band segment, is adapted to the individual band type of the respective manufacturer.

This adapter concept in particular enables the subsequent installation of EFA Picture Inline on an existing belt segment. This is particularly advantageous in space-critical line situations.

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