EFA Picture in use

Words are patient & #8211; and pictures say more than a thousand words! You all know these wisdoms.

That is why typical applications of our industry solution should be presented here EFA Manufacturing speak for yourself.

EFA Inspection® and EFA Picture in action

The following video shows a typical procedure for a sample check. Of course, this sample inspection can also be an initial sample, prototype or pilot series inspection.

The application is used EFA Inspection® and a desktop device from the series EFA Picture.

The video starts with the following requirements:

  1. The EFA project required to carry out an inspection has already been carried out by a & #8220; installer & #8221; configured.
  2. EFA Inspection® was created in mode & #8220; Inspector & #8221; started. In this mode, the inspector cannot change anything on the project and EFA Inspection® waits for the next sample to be recorded, which is stored in a predefined directory.
  3. Once the EFA Picture device has taken the picture, EFA Inspection recognizes® the new file in the directory and automatically sets up the corresponding sample in the order folder. The inspection for this sample is then started immediately.
  4. As a type of inspection  ARI with part number representation selected by the installer when setting up the project.

From time index 5:03, the set-up of the associated project will also be shown!

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In the video you saw EFA Manufacturing in the following configuration:

  1. The software EFA Inspection® with the possibilities to set up EFA projects and inspect printed circuit boards.
  2. The hardware EFA Picture Touch as a desktop device in a wide version with an additional external USB 3.0 port and in the standard color blue.
  3. Additional HP monitor in 27 & #8243; with converter from HP Displayport to USB 3.0. The connection is made via the external USB 3.0 port of the EFA Picture device.
  4. External 24 key keypad with USB connection.