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Thorsten Libera

By linking with our component database, the creation of parts lists is much faster. At this step we can save at least 50% time!

work preparation
March 6, 2017

Marco Schoenefeld

The different formats of customer data can be converted into a standard format for production with EFA.

executive Director
October 27, 2017

Marco Schoenefeld

With EFA Inspection in combination with the EFA Inline device, we can easily inspect batch sizes from 0 to 1000 with EFA Inspection.

executive Director
October 27, 2017

Sabrina Frühinsfeld

The flexibility with which we can tailor EFA Inspection to our process is an important factor for us. The saved time savings directly affect the quality of our products.

October 27, 2017

Florian Berzl

We can also incorporate persons into the operation, who usually do not carry out an optical inspection. This means that each shift can easily monitor its own process steps

quality management
November 6, 2013

Volker Linde

The time required for the optical inspection went down landslide! This significant change in the optical inspection process had an impact on the entire production throughput process.

executive Director
September 6, 2013

Rolf-Dieter Haake

In addition to the time savings of more than 50% in the work preparation, this process offers additional security when comparing the customer data, which very much meets our high quality standards. In addition to the enormous time savings, we have also achieved a standardization of the production documents.

Technical Manager
September 6, 2012

Reto Lempen

This guided inspection gives us the assurance that the inspector has inspected and evaluated each component. There are no items to forget. With EFA Inspection, we were able to achieve significant time savings along with a significant increase in quality and process reliability.

Production Engineer, Test & Final Assembly
April 29, 2014

Roland Holderried

This system has been shown to reduce the time spent on revisions and initial sample inspections by up to 80%. The production has not only gained valuable production time, but also secures the quality of the products through a predefined process.

AOI systems engineer
August 16, 2013

Waltraud Aumüller

This type of control (Augmented Reality Inspection) reduces our downtime of the production lines!

March 6, 2017

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EFA inline at the Witten location of the company proServ electronic GmbH

Augmented reality inspection according to part numbers

A automatic optical inspection can not exploit the advantage of automatic inspection for small batches, prototypes or initial samples. Due to the long programming times, the AOI quickly becomes a bottleneck!

As an effective method, the Augmented reality inspection according to part numbers established. Due to the greater involvement of the operator in the inspection process can be dispensed with complex programs.

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Detail of the Youtube movie on the visit of the Chancellor to Siemens at the Amberg electronics factory in February 2015
(hl: Fabian Adler, CEO Joe Kaeser, Chancellor Angela Merkel, from left: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Büttner)

Industry 4.0:
Chancellor Merkel considered
EFA inline

Chancellor Merkel visited the Siemens showpiece plant in Amberg in February 2015 and read about the current state of digitization.

During this factory tour, our "Augmented Reality Inspection" on an EFA Inline device was explained in great detail.

Siemens participated in the Industry 4.0 Award for our hardware and software in 2013 and acquired this inspection solution in 2014.



a complete circuit board

Inline and desktop devices

Headup display for electronics production


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LEBERT Software Engineering is based near the geographical center of Germany in the Brothers Grimm city of Hanau. Due to its central location and proximity to the city of Frankfurt am Main, a European transportation hub, Hanau is excellently connected.

The exposed location allows short journeys to and from our customers, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Even longer distances are less time-consuming due to their proximity to Frankfurt Airport.

We are constantly represented at the most important fairs in the electronics industry, such as 

  • SMT in Nuremberg
  • Productronica in Munich
  • Electronica in Munich

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