Check small series faster and more effectively

The Hanau-based company LEBERT Software Engineering, manufacturer of the innovative semi-AOI system EFA Inspection, has expanded its EFA Picture series with a high-end device. The new EFA Picture Touch HR recording station - together with the newly developed user interface EFA Capture - delivers high-quality recordings even from difficult-to-capture printed circuit boards in the shortest possible time.

appeared in the EPP 06/2013

In order to safely accommodate the large number of different board sizes and shapes as well as placement variations, an easy-to-use and at the same time variable concept is necessary. This is what the new high-end device EFA Picture Touch HR offers, which now makes it possible to take high-resolution pictures for almost all board dimensions. To do this, the camera moves in the x direction and automatically creates partial shots of the board. These recordings are then assembled in the software to a high-quality overall recording. The recording process for the operator is very easy to set.

This is made possible by the newly developed user interface EFA Capture. The software optimizes the repeatability of recordings with user-related profiles per board type. EFA Capture is operated via the touch screen computer. The extensively customizable settings can be easily controlled with a tap. With two simple clicks, the board size is aligned. The stitching areas can be adapted to the component size and can even be readjusted manually. This guarantees reliable detection even of boards with up to 50 mm high THT components.

Settings such as the dimmability of the LED illumination for safe readability of lasered component labels or the input of the barcode as a file name to support the traceability concept are also controlled via the touch interface. All settings made can be saved per printed circuit board. The concept of user levels prevents accidentally changing the optimized settings.

Together with the fiducial function of the EFA Inspection software, the images thus created can be checked quickly and easily. With the alignment via the Fiducial, EFA Inspection ensures that the overlapping of two images is as accurate as possible. The circuit boards in the background do not move, so that the operator can work fatigue-free without annoying interference movements. The alignment of the two images is done automatically by the software based on the fiducials, regardless of the images themselves or of displaced or rotated board positions.

The EFA Picture Touch HR device is available now and will be available at a discounted introductory price until the end of May. Additional options such as UV illumination for inspection of painted boards are also available for this device.

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