Customized automation of inspection tasks

The inspection system EFA Picture from LEBERT Software Engineering can be inserted directly into the production line of the electronics production and enables an inexpensive and flexible initial sample inspection, a selective assembly control, sample control or general production documentation.

appeared in February 2012

It closes the gap between automatic optical inspection and manual visual inspection. It allows semi-automatic inspection without expensive hardware and was specially developed for the testing of initial samples, small series, prototypes and for set-up control. The particular goal is the automation of customer-specific inspection tasks. The inline version also offers automatic module feed so that the solution can be integrated directly into an inline production line. The creation of the module is done automatically in every application.

During the initial sample inspection, the semi-automatic inspection software EFA Inspection is started after the recording. This shows all the components of the assembly listed in the component list in the display window. The inspector can then evaluate the individual components using buttons for "Good", "Unsure" and "Faulty". In the event of an error as well as in the event of uncertainty, predefined or freely editable reasons can also be assigned.

In the case of selective assembly control, EFA Inline remains on bypass until a request for assembly control is made. After the recording, EFA Inspection only shows the retrofitted components. The examiner can then evaluate this as in the initial sample inspection.

In the spot check, EFA Inline changes from bypass to check after every nth board, automatically takes a picture and starts EFA Inspection with the preset inspection type.

For the general production documentation, a picture is automatically taken of every nth module and the picture is stored together with the scanned serial number in a defined target directory.

With intelligent inspection methods, EFA Inspection enables reliable and fast inspection of prototypes and small series. Innovative program functions provide the examiner with all the necessary information at a glance, thereby reducing the time required compared to manual visual inspection by up to 85%. The innovative operating concept and the height-adjustable 22 ″ touchscreen monitor enable efficient and reliable use after only a short training period. A variety of assistants form the basis for a precise mapping of the customer-specific, established inspection process.

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