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At this point we want to let our customers speak!

Here, decision-makers and users report on the considerations behind the acquisition of EFA SmartSuite, the areas of application for EFA SmartSuite, and the benefits that this investment in EFA SmartSuite has brought you.

All these reports have also appeared in journals.

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Deutliche Reduzierung der Linienstillstandszeiten

Significant reduction of line downtime

The targeted automation of manual testing processes creates new freedom

Quality and time are crucial factors in the optimization of manufacturing processes. Ensuring the high quality standard in production while at the same time saving a significant amount of time ultimately ensures your own competitiveness. Test systems to ensure high product quality play a decisive role. Systems that are to be used to automate manual testing processes must meet very special requirements.

appeared in the EPP 08/2013

As a manufacturer of high-tech products in the field of micro and power electronics, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH from Kaufbeuren (STW) offers a wide range of products for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, medical technology and the food industry. These include the development and production of freely programmable electronic controls for mobile machines.

Automation of manual testing processes

Beginning ...

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Kleinserienprüfung ganz groß

Small series test very big

For quick and reliable review of small batches, the Semi-AOI solution EFA Inspection® offers, among other things, the function of the interactive display of Golden Board and DUT. Differences between the two boards are much faster in motion than in a separate analysis. 

appeared in the EPP 10/2012

For efficient use of this change of image display, the exact alignment of the images of the two boards is essential. With the new software version EFA Inspection® 3.6, the exact insertion of the boards into the receiving station becomes less important. The new "Fiducial recognition" function automatically solves the exact alignment on the software side with simultaneous rotation and the option of manual post-correction. Regardless of the operator, EFA Inspection® takes a decisive step closer to the ideal overlay. The new function is as usual simple and flexible ...

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Fertigungsdaten sicher im Griff - und jederzeit verfügbar!

Production data safely under control - and always available!

Ensure competitive advantage with EFA SmartSuite

The fast and secure import of customer data is one of the first tasks facing EMS service providers. This is followed by the preparation of this data with an in-depth consistency check. If the production of these production documents follows a standardized procedure and the access to this data is available at any time, then the quality and safety in the production process can be significantly increased. At the same time, the significant time savings ensure your own competitive advantage. Assmy & Böttger Electronic from Huntlosen deliberately relies on the innovative EFA SmartSuite system.

appeared in the EPP 10/2012

Assmy & Böttger Electronic, A + B Electronic for short, covers the entire spectrum of the production of sample quantities over small series with around 1.2 million printed circuit boards per year distributed over more than 3000 orders.